Understanding that different clients have different needs, we offer a variety of unique charging solutions.

You can now pre-order our power banks, made with a Nano Grade Silver ion antibacterial additive to decrease the risk of contamination of virus’ and bacteria. This additive is currently used in many medical products due to its ability to resist many types of bacterium, such as Klebsiella pneumonia, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans etc. and is currently being tested for its effectiveness against Covid 19.

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X100 Lockable Station

Our new X100 lockable station is a maintenance free way to provide your attendees and guests with portable phone charging on the go! It includes 100 power docking ports to house 100 individual wireless power banks, a 20” and 10” LCD digital HD display for advertising (optional inclusion in the Google Ad Network), a 5” touch screen for instructions and transactions, a QR code for payment and charger unlock, credit/debit, app or contactless payment options, 4 integrated security cameras. All display content is handled remotely through an online dashboard and an online alarm lets you know when the power banks need service. All power banks are made with a Nano Grade Silver Ion Antibacterial additive to decrease the risk of contamination of virus’ and bacteria.

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Our patented WX8 charging station provides your guests the convenience of truly mobile charging, along with a branded experience while at your venue. The illuminated panels of the charging station and individual chargers can be easily branded to showcase your company or cause. Each station comes with 8 individual power banks and each power bank has 2x fast-charge technology, built-in Lightning, Micro-USB and Type-C cables, wireless charging, LED power level indicators and replaceable cords.

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Our patented X4 charging station gives you a compact and convenient way to always have a charger fully charged and ready to go, for yourself or your guests. Perfect for individual office use or gifting for your best clients. The base and individual chargers can be easily branded to showcase your company logo. Each station is low profile and compact, includes a Micro- USB charging port on the base and 4 individual power banks. Each power bank includes 2x fast-charge technology, built-in Lightning/Micro-USB and Type-C cables, wireless charging and LED power level indicators.

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FoneSaver Wireless

Power Bank

The new FoneSaver wireless power bank now includes increased battery capacity, wireless charging as well as built in Type-C and a dual tip cable for both iPhone and Android, phones and tablets. Each cable is removable and replaceable in case of damage. Power banks can be customized with a silk screened logo and a branded gift box. You will never need a separate charger or cords for different devices again!

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